About us

»A modern woman demands the best for herself. That is why at Intheline Cosmetics we want to ensure top quality natural products, which are not only safe to use, but also highly effective.«

Our vision is to ensure safe, healthy and efficient alternatives to cosmetics you are already using. At the same time we want to provide you with effective and unique solutions to your everyday problems related to a modern lifestyle.

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We believe that products you use on a daily basis need to change the way you feel and support your health. Therefore, we are constantly researching what ingredients to use.

Our cosmetic products are made from completely natural, high quality ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness your body can actually use. The products have not been tested on animals.

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We started out with body care and we continue with face care, because we believe it to be something that deserves our attention first.

We know that facial care is much more than just washing your face and applying creams or serums. However, we believe it is essential to keep a daily facial routine simple because it is more important to use your time to truly live your life than to follow the complicated routines of daily facial care.

We do not want the use of our cosmetics to be a necessary obligation. We want it to be your daily luxury, which you are happy to treat yourself to.

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